Possibly my favourite finished knit ever!

Back in February last year I cast on a sleeveless vest from a pattern by Japanese designer Kazekobo

Working simply from charts showing the colourwork design and basic cast-on and shaping details I set off on this intrepid journey. And back in May of this year I cast off! Just in time for one of the driest, warmest summers we’ve had in Suffolk for a fair while 😉

So, a few months later, on the cusp of ‘vest weather’ it’s finally time for the big reveal!



Knit using Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper weight yarn, I will admit to spending a loooong time playing with colour. I knew I wanted the base shade to be shade 1280 – a lovely heather grey/blue – and I had a vision of this combined with beige and brown for the gorgeous slipped rib hem and neck bands…

The others just gradually fell into place with a few false starts. There’s certainly no easy way to select complimentary shades from a huge range like J&S present! There is a handy guide to choosing shades for Fair Isle knitting on the Interweave web site which offers some basic guidelines on contrast and shading…


One of the most amazing things about Fair Isle knits is the reverse side! Isn’t is beautiful…


The black & white photo shows the play between light, medium and dark shades really well.


And finally, a gratuitous puppy shot… because you’re worth it 😉

Head over to Ravelry to see all the details, including shades used etc…

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