Warming up!

My hands… not the weather!

It’s still pretty chilly here in East Anglia and while we haven’t had the volume of snow that more Northerly parts have experienced over the last few weeks there is a fierce wind blowing and Spring still feels a way off (despite what the Crocuses and Daffodils might be trying to tell us!)

Contemplating a new delivery of completely luscious Cadence Worsted yarn from Hazel Knits a couple of weeks ago I became conscious of just how chilly my hands were and I knew just the thing to test the knitterly qualities of this Superwash Merino new-to-us yarn… Mitts!


When a new delivery of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn is calling to me,  it’s easy to locate the perfect sweater pattern only to calculate that the cost of the number of skeins needed could feed our family of 5 for a week! Even a yarn store owner has to rein in the yarn budget sometimes and a warm, squishy pair of mittens (that could probably be knit in a weekend) seemed like the perfect solution to my heart’s (and hand’s) desire!


Cruiser is a free pattern available to download via Ravelry and the simple cable pattern added interest without the need for huge concentration levels. I pottered around the house, attending to needs, throwing meals together, fitting in the odd chore here and there and still managed to complete these in just one weekend – even allowing for some significant ‘unknitting’ when I realised one of my cable chevrons was askew!


The shade is Lichen – which delivers a shot of colour perfect for mittens (and maybe not quite my shade for a whole sweater, which is another advantage of smaller projects I always think?) Perfect! Toasty hands in a flash…


Now, Spring, if you wouldn’t mind hurrying up please… we’d frankly all appreciate a little bit of warm sunshine sometime soon…

Full details on Ravelry – here

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