When I read Kate’s ‘prompt’ for this week’s ‘Love Your Blog’ challenge my mind didn’t turn immediately to knitting (although I obviously *have*  cast on something new this week 😉 ) nor did I linger on the tentative early days of this blog, as I am sure others will have… Nope, my thoughts zoomed straight outside to the garden!


It’s starting to turn green… shoots are appearing and the blossom is reminding us that there will be bounty to harvest come Autumn…


This is our second growing season in this house and last year, although we produced lots to eat, it was all about getting to know the conditions, the soil, the light and shade and sowing/planting on a wing and a prayer. This year, with the polytunnel established and the year of experience we’ve no excuses…

So, we’ve been chitting, sowing, planning, imagining… as all gardeners do at this time of year. This moment always feels like the beginning of something exciting!

The Broad Beans are looking good, they were sown in pots in the polytunnel back in March and will be ready to plant out into the walled garden very soon.


We’re simplifying the polytunnel planting after trying to cram every exotic pepper, tomato and cucumber known to man into it last year and we’re concentrating on producing lots of the varieties we eat lots of… stubby ridged cucumbers, cherry toms., salad leaves and tender herbs like coriander…

It’s also being used as a nursery for Brassicas (curly Kale, Cabolo Nero, purple sprouting broccoli etc.) which we’ve never successfully grown before. They’ve germinated, it’s a start!


Out in the walled vegetable garden a fair chunk of space is given over to potatoes. Then there will be runner beans, dwarf French beans and more lettuces. We grew lovely carrots last year – but not nearly enough of them – so we’ll be extending the carrot bed for sure! The raspberries are already shooting everywhere (they are thugs, raspberries, don’t be fooled by the delicate fruits!) and we’re hopeful that our strawberry harvest will be a good one after ruthlessly removing the flowers last year for the good of future crops!! We’ve also ‘forced’ some of our Rhurbarb using a large dustbin, the custard awaits 😉


So… beginnings… a new growing season, new shoots, lots of hard work… with great reward (we hope 😉 )

What are you beginning this Spring?

5 thoughts on “Beginnings…

  1. Last summer was my first season in a new garden too, I share your excitement about all those lovely small shoots. I need to do some rethinking and replanting as we had a couple of clumps of failed planting, in a strange way even that’s exciting as there were a few things I originally wanted to put in and didn’t have any space for. Hopefully you post more about your garden as the year goes on

  2. We are having our first season with a greenhouse. I’m probably going to try to cream it full of all those exotic things you find seed packets for. I mean, what is a cucamelon? Brassicas we can manage, it’s the carrots that have been foiling us. This time of year is so exciting.

  3. Beautiful write up and pics! I’ve always wanted a little garden, things that one can grow and use around the home, but I’ve never got around to it. I finally have some seeds, maybe its time to attempt gardening now:)

  4. This will be my second season of growing too. I learned a lot last year and it’s so exciting to be starting the cycle again armed with a bit more knowledge!

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