Ugly fail…

When Kate posted this week’s ‘Love Your Blog’ prompt I knew straight away I’d struggle to get to grips with it…

At this time of year, early Spring, as things burst back into life, we get a warm day here and there and the sky miraculously turns from grey to blue I can only see beauty…

beachSo, I started thinking about what ‘ugly’ means; unattractive, unsightly, hideous, unpleasant… and I realised just how hard we’ve worked, as a family, to get rid of the ‘ugly’ – and just how successful we’ve been! More by luck than judgement (although it was a pretty stressful crisis-led decision 15 years ago that brought us to Suffolk) we live in a really beautiful part of the UK, minutes from the beach, surrounded by lovely countryside and in a very lovely house… almost the home of my dreams! It’s not a house we own, nor ever could but that is irrelevant, we live here, right now, in the moment and that’s what matters when contemplating the *ugly* alternatives…

I know, I know, I regularly have to pinch myself and I thank my lucky stars, karma and fate many times every day for the life we’ve built ourselves.

That’s not to say that we haven’t faced the odd curveball over the last few years… like everyone, we have been through tough times and seen people we love go through worse but being surrounded by beauty – beautiful people, things, surroundings does help us to keep focussed on what a huge amount we have to be grateful for.

I thought about our ‘work’, we certainly know people who might very well view their ‘daily grind’ as ugly but we run an on-line yarn store – every knitter’s dream – and our  ‘niche’ has become beautiful yarn! I can honestly say that we don’t stock *anything* that would qualify as ugly 😉 and while we have good days and bad days just like anyone, this way we’ve found to support our family beats almost everything!

And there’s eye candy to boot…

(it’s the Fibre Co. Canopy Fingering in ‘Red Ginger’ in case you were wondering…)

 I carried on hunting for the ‘ugly’ inspiration and dwelled briefly on some of the less attractive elements of this on-line world we inhabit… there are truly some unpleasant tales of trolling and threats on social media and I’ve certainly encountered ideas (and people) in fora that I wouldn’t entertain ‘IRL’ but for the most part I have moulded – & pruned where necessary – my on-line community to eradicate these unsightly elements (now if someone could just find a way to prevent me coming across the mere mention of K*atie H*pk*ns the internet would be almost perfect 😉 ).

I considered the ‘ugly mutt’ in answer to the brief but she’s really not is she…



Then I came across these three and thought I’d found the answer…


but it’s true that a mother sees only beauty where others might not 😉

… and then it dawned on me, just as plumbers often have half finished bathrooms, decorators have half scraped walls and builders live in building sites, yarn store owners, who have all the beautiful needle storage possibilities at their fingertips might, they just *might*, choose instead to store their not insignificant collection of circular needles in a bag… a paper ‘takeaway’ bag…


Yep, that’s it – that’s *ugly*!!

4 thoughts on “Ugly fail…

  1. Lovely post – and you are not alone in your needle storage. Mine live in a plastic zip local bag – the shame. The only exception are my Knit pro interchangeables which live in their very own, specially purchased case.

  2. Love that photo of your dog- she(?) could never be called ugly. I wish someone would come up with a solution for storing fixed circulars too. Mine are all jumbled in a small jute bag. It is like searching through wiry spagetti to find the right one sometimes.

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