The last prompt in this ‘Love Your Blog’ series had me thinking the subject of ‘Gratitude’ all round the houses, trying to find a clever, insightful, alternative interpretation of something that’s really very very simple…

Thank you!


I do try to make sure that the thanks is embedded in every parcel, every post, every communication… that it’s obvious how thankful we are… but just like the boys sometimes forget their manners and need a little prod when faced with the gift of their dreams, it can’t hurt to take Kate’s ‘prompt’ as a ‘prod’ and say it properly, out loud…


Thank you… for every ‘like’, every ‘share’, every ‘friend’, every conversation, every email, forum post and last but certainly not least, every ‘add to basket’. Every way you spread the word and every.single.little.thing you buy from Meadow Yarn supports our family, our 3 boys, us all. Meadow Yarn isn’t a hobby, a vanity project, a way to knit with nice yarn (although – ahem – yes! nice yarn!) it’s our family business, it puts food on the table every single day and we have worked so hard to make it work… and we’ll never be rich (or even what lots of people would deem ‘comfortable’ – although I hate that expression, it makes me think of golf sweaters and pot pourri 😉 ) but we have carved a life that suits us absolutely down to the ground, so thank you…



One thought on “gratitude…

  1. Well as a customer (though not as frequently as I’d like!), I’d like to say thank you in return, for great yarns and undoubtedly the best customer service I have had from any shop on the web!

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