Just in the nick of time…

Well, it feels like winter has returned here today! We’ve had a biting wind, heavy rain and I’ve had the lights on in the office all day… After a few weeks of ‘Spring’ it’s a bit of a shock to the system! Looking for the positives, it does mean that my new Faroese sweater will likely get some wear before it’s decommissioned until the Autumn 😉 And thankfully, we were able to schedule a quick ‘modelling’ session yesterday evening when Spring was still visiting… lila The pattern is Carrie Bostick Hoge’s ‘Winter Lila’ from her forthcoming Madder Anthology 2… I couldn’t possibly wait for the print version and purchased the e-book download as soon as it was available. lila The yarn is the amazingly wonderful Navia Tradition. From the Faroe Islands, it’s a proper woolly wool, not  butter soft (by any means) nor shimmering in the light, this is a yarn to make sweaters that will protect against the cool eastlery breeze and shrug off the spring showers. I knit a medium-size (40″ I think?) sweater with less than 3 balls on 7mm needles and it fits just perfectly. This yarn blooms when washed and has a lovely halo. It does need a t-shirt underneath, both because of the itch factor and because this wonderfully warm, yet open fabric is loose rather than dense, the way you might expect Shetland yarn, for example to knit up… lila My photo session went to pot when the boys and the dog decided to join in! lila I tried to keep my cool… lila but it proved tricky 😉 lila All the pattern and yarn details are noted on Ravelry here

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