So, here’s how a typical new yarn delivery day goes…

The Very-Nice-Parcel-Force-Man arrives with an *amazing* box of yarn. I take a hurried, excitable, slightly blurry photo with the ancient iPod and then try to forget about it (there are orders that need packing for knitters with no yarn, or worse, yarn but no needles!) 10982041_957136444326240_139841279695261272_n But, it’s there, distracting me and I can’t help but contemplate it’s qualities while I ‘pick & pack’…

New-to-us ‘Acadia’ from the Fibre Co. is a cocktail of merino, alpaca & silk ‘noil’ (the nubbly Japanese type silk) and it’s dyed in the most amazing ‘duo-tone’ shades and wound in plump little 50g skeins that sit on the desk, beautifully well behaved and whisper quietly ‘knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-‘ for the next 3 or 4 hours…

I take them home so that they can be squished a bit more, plumped and preened and then photographed properly, by Chris, who is a proper photographer, he can focus a proper camera and knows about exposure and lighting and other stuff that is beyond me…

This allows me to share them with everyone: fibreco_acadia_main See, I’m sharing! It’s not all for me 😉

All evening the yarn keeps calling, with its little ‘knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-knit-me-‘ cry and I know *you* would love to see what it’s possible to turn these little squishy skeins of wonder into, so of course it’s my duty to do some research…

Down the rabbit hole we go… Ravelry really *is* an alternative Wonderland isn’t it? And it occurs to me that I’d be fine resisting the little ‘drink me’ bottle and the ‘eat me’ cakes but a skein of yarn labelled ‘knit me’ woah, that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish 😉

I came up with this beauty… the divine Quaking Aspen shawl by Courtney Kelley… quakingaspen I think I may find it hard to resist casting on of these on almost immediately… and it’s a free pattern no less! The difficult part will be choosing two shades… I’m tempted to go subtle with ‘Driftwood’ and ‘Sand’ combined? fibreco_acadia_sand fibreco_acadia_driftwood But then, the bolder combo of ‘Summersweet’ & ‘Verbena’ is calling to me as well (maybe two shawls??) fibreco_acadia_verbena-2 fibreco_acadia_summersweet-2 Well see…

If you’re not smitten with Quaking Aspen then I also found these delights to tempt you…

Published in the Fall 2014 edition of Amirisu this is Lori Versaci’s ‘Crop Top’ 


© amirisu

This gorgeous little shawlette was published in Knitscene Accessories 2012, it’s called Mountain Nettle and is by Emma Welford…


© knitscene

Another perfect two-colour project, this is the Enchanted Rock cardigan by Jenette Cross and is available via Ravelry as a PDF download


© Jennette Cross

Finally, this super-cute hat is the Sprig Cloche by Alana Dakos and complements perfectly the Sprig pullover published in Botanical Knits 2. The hat pattern is a separate Ravelry download…


© Alana Dakos

Each of these patterns shows off the gorgeous tweedy texture of Acadia and the colours are so subtle, yet strong and deep that there’s an option for every garment, accessory and knitter… And now you know… just what happens on a ‘yarn-delivery-day’ 😉

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