The June garden…

After a brief glimpse of Spring quite early on, it then turned chilly, grey and often wet… and even when it wasn’t grey and wet it still seemed very chilly to me, this so-called Spring. But now June is here! And we can rejoice in the lush green, the fragrant blooms… and the rampaging dog 😉









There is, of course, knitting going on too… and some writing here and there but often, when the sun shines and the breeze is warm it’s just about sitting and taking it all in… and then yelling at the dog to get off the flowerbed 😉

3 thoughts on “The June garden…

  1. I’m envious of your Astrantias! Mine have not appeared yet. Not sure if they survived the winter or if it just takes a little longer where I am. I’m also frequently yelling at dog and chickens to get out of the flowers! Lovely pics of summer arriving, happy knitting in the sun 🙂

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