June reads…

I’m (already) hopelessly out of sync with the rest of the ‘Circle of Pine Trees‘ book club but here’s where my reading is at this month… which I appreciate is pretty much over 😉

I had to hang around for my mum to finish Kate Atkinson’s ‘A God in Ruins’ so the month started with a couple of very quick reads…

I tore through The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. A book I’d seen mentioned here, there and everywhere so I grabbed a library copy when I saw it! I liked this, although there were elements that I found frustrating. Sometimes a character just needs to ‘big up’ and tackle a thorny issue… but then I guess there wouldn’t be a book 😉

Next in the pile was The Ice Twins by S.K Tremayne. This had a tragic premise, the loss of a twin, so from the outset was mired in remorse and what-ifs and grief. The story traced the unravelling of the death of an identical twin in a tragic accident whose surviving sister suddenly decides she’s the dead twin (with me?) and so their mother spirals into a semi ghost story as she tries to uncover what happened on the fateful day of the accident. It deals with the idea of ‘favourites’ and what the consequences might be and has a suitably stormy conclusion… I enjoyed it but it was one of those books that I was quite glad to finish. It was a bit *too* much and I did find the final couple of chapters a bit OTT and a little unnecessary in some ways…

Then it was on to the main event.



I love Kate Atkinson’s writing… from her very first novel ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’ through the ‘Jackson Brodie’ detective series that were wonderfully quirky.

Then came “Life After Life’… a sweeping novel with a very clever hook that I absolutely loved. Once in the swing of the multiple story lines and the ‘re-births’ I found it to be clever, touching and such a lovely read it was a book I was incredibly sad to finish… I had high hopes for its ‘companion’ novel A God In Ruins. I was sooooo disappointed! Not to ‘spoil’ it but it really just never caught fire for me and the end, which attempted to reignite the spark of Life After Life had me ready to throw it out of the window (but it’s a library book and I was the first borrower so I restrained myself 😉 )


That’s all I’ll say on the matter… I’ve moved on…


This is July’s book pile!


I’m already a way through the new Elly Griffiths ‘Ruth Galloway’ mystery. Set in North Norfolk in and around places I know, I love these books. Ruth is a fabulous female lead character, with quirks and foibles and a habit of turning up just when things are getting dangerous… So far so good! I will report back in July… sometime… I promise…

One thought on “June reads…

  1. Oh I’m glad it’s not just me that is behind with taking part in Laura’s Year in Book Project this month. Sometimes time just gets away from us doesn’t it. I have Liane Moriarty books waiting on my kindle I think The Secret Husband may be one of them. I haven’t read any Kate Atkinson but they sound like they may be my sort of book.

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