This year has already been declared the ‘best tomato harvest ever’ and we’re only a couple of weeks into it. It’s all relative and it’s fair to say that previous years’ tomato harvests have been poor, if not shocking/disasterous/non-existant. Based on our experience anything that stays on the vine, turns red and doesn’t get immediately demolished by birds, bugs or disease is a resounding success!


We’re crediting the poly-tunnel with most of the glory… that and us splashing out on some lovely organic feed rather than half-heartedly making our own comfrey/nettle tea. This is technically the second poly-tunnel ‘season’ but it went up so late in the Spring last year that everything was experimental and we were at least a few weeks behind where we’re at this year so the results weren’t really that different to our previous attempts to grow tomatoes outside, up against the sun-trap red brick side wall of our old house.

So far we’re doing our best to eat them fresh off the vine, as a simple salad with basil, coriander a splash of white wince vinegar and a slosh of oil, on pizza and the little cherry ones just ‘as they come’, warm from he polytunnel, popped into the mouth whole. Yum!


We’re anticipating either glut or disaster at some stage that will result in lots of pizza/pasta sauce for freezing and/or green chutney depending on the sequence of events 😉 For the moment we’re just loving a proper tomato success!


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