Easing ourselves gently into Autumn…

The past couple of weeks have been truly spectacular here in our little Suffolk outpost. Misty mornings with soft light, blue skies and warm sun. We’ve been revelling in the chance to be outside and there’s been a lot of log chopping, digging over the veg. patch, grass cutting etc. but we’ve also been lucky enough to enjoy some amazing walks in the local countryside.

As I type, it’s wet and windy (but still warm) and it’s clear that the descent (for it is surely a descent) into Autumn is well underway but just a couple of days ago we were bathed in warm sunshine as we took a walk across Dunwich Heath. Under blue skies, this particular walk takes us through a landscape rich with gorse and heather and is surprisingly hilly for Suffolk. We could almost have been on a mediterranean island…


I was wondering if we might spot some fungi and I wasn’t disappointed!


I’m hopelessly inept at identifying them, aside from a few unmistakeable ones and even with the aid of a guide would never dare forage for edible ‘shrooms! The pleasure is all in the looking, the shapes, the colours, the arrival of the new season that they signify…


This Fly Agaric was already slightly past its best…


But this one was a perfect ‘cartoon toadstool’ according to the boys…


Some little puffballs were spotted attempting to disguise themselves as stones…


And this dead tree stump, hollowed by time and the weather was hosting a beautiful array…


Monty had a great time chasing her frisbee!


And we saw evidence that the fungi provides food for lots of creatures (mice? rabbits?)


All in all a very pleasant way to while away an hour or so… and it wore the boys and the dog out 😉 Win!


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