Good weather for a good book…

After the storms we’re expecting temperatures to drop this weekend… a little taste of winter and possibly our first proper frost, so I’d better get outside and drag the pots of Pelargoniums into the polytunnel. The ferocious winds of the last few days have seen off the last of the leaves from most of the trees around our house and the landscape is back to its winter uniform of greys, browns and the odd splash of colour from the haws, hips and berries. The Oaks hold onto their leaves the longest… little patches of green and yellow amongst the bare branches and we’re lucky to have evergreens around us, Holm Oak as well as pine and Sequoia… Still it’s looking like it will be a fine weekend for settling by the wood stove with a good book šŸ˜‰

Here’s a taste of my recent reads…


I was excited to see that Jane Shemilt had a new book out as her first, ‘Daughter’ was a really good read. This one dealt with the loss of a child again, this time in Botswana. Well-off London doctors, Emma and Adam – each having their own emotional crises at a ‘certain age’ – decide to head to Africa for a year to work… and when their baby disappears from his cot Emma starts a torturous journey to find him. Really well written and evoked the landscape and people of Botswana (athough I’ve never been there so I’m assuming that the images conjured do it justice!)

A new Nicci French is always a treat and I do really like Frieda Klein, their latest lead character. This was a quick read, a charge through the underbelly of London ‘illegals’Ā as Frieda herselfĀ becomes a murder suspect and goes on the run. If you’re a fan this won’t disappoint.

I alsoĀ spotted the companion to the ‘Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ on the Quick Choice shelf in the library and grabbed it… I loved the first book and this follow up, told from Queenie’s perspective was just as enjoyable – even allowing forĀ the obviously ‘spoiled’Ā denouement, having read the first one…


Now, I’ve just finished ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’, which I’d seen countless reviews and mentions of on Twitter and various blogs. There was something about it’s ‘end of the world’ premise that wasn’t immediately appealing but having started it I soon realised that it was much more than a post-apocalyptic survivalist tale and I would thoroughly recommend it. Evoking the mid-70’s childhood which I experienced, with the cold war and nuclear threats regularly part of the daily news, it tells the story of Peggy, an eight year old girl who is taken from her suburban London home by her father to ‘Die Hutte’ deep in the Bavarian forest… where they exist in isolation for many years. Go find a copy, it’s good!

I’m now charging full pelt through the latest ‘Jack Reacher’ (Lee Childs) thriller – Make Me – and it is the usual fast paced, high octane adventure… I expect to finish it sat in front of the fire sometime this weekend and then feel the urgent need to move onto something more sedate… I do love Reacher, Rebus and the like but they need to be interleaved with something a little less full of fights, gun battles and dead bodies!!

I join in with Laura’s virtual book club over at the Circle of Pine Trees blog and highly recommend you do too… It’s a great way to pick up recommendation and read some lovely blogs as you travel round the links.

2 thoughts on “Good weather for a good book…

  1. I read (and enjoyed) The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and have the Queenie book on my ‘I’ll get round to it one day’ reading list. I’m one of those terrible people whose book choice is almost entirely dependent on what happens to be cheap or free on Amazon at the time. (If you liked Harold Fry, you might like ‘A Man Called Ove’ by Fredrik Backman. I don’t know why I associate them . . . it’s something to do with the ‘atmosphere’ of the two books rather than the content.)

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