Phew… its been a while!

I could rattle off lots of excuses for my bloggy absence but hey, the days, weeks and months just slid by and can you believe it… it’s been almost a year! Time to get back in the saddle and continue our journey wouldn’t you say?

We’ve been tootling along quite happily here in the old house with the kids, the dog, the chooks (sadly minus Odin who fell foul of the fox – we blame his one-eyed visual status) and the general chaos that these things entail. The Meadow Yarn barn is still full of wool and we’re busy psyching ourselves up for a whole new knitting season.

I’m about to start a Masters Degree (in Creative Writing) with the OU (yelp!) so we’re looking at gradually moulding the business into a slightly different ‘form’ – to shake things up a bit, you know? While continuing to surround ourselves by woolly wonderfulness, of course!

Here’s a taster of the last few weeks, which have been positively glorious here in Suffolk…

There has been sea and sand, blue skies and yarn… of course 😉

And now we’re heading into Autumn, which always feels like a time of renewal, bizarrely… a time for dreaming up new ideas, scheming and planning as we get ready to hunker down for another season of wood stoves, woolly jumpers and brisk, rather than slow, meandering walks.

I *promise* I’ll be back soon… Xx


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