What I’m reading this September…

OK, having managed to miss the July/August book club chat completely I’m trying hard to get back on track as a new month arrives! Of course, I read loads in August as usual, I just didn’t manage to blog or chat about any of it. A good chunk of the month, including our little sojourn to the Norfolk Broads was spent reading ‘After the Crash’ by Michel Bussi.


This was a huge hit in France and following a splendid translation into English now seems to be proving a hit outside France too. I can be a bit funny about translated books, I kind of want the book to ‘feel’ how it felt in its mother tongue but at the same time I still like an easy read – do you know what I mean? Aside from the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ series I’ve struggled with a lot of Scandi Noir books that should be right up my street because I can’t seem to read them fluidly. Maybe it’s because I’m a speed reader and I need to be able to race at full pelt through a book? Anyway, this one worked for me… the translation kept enough of the French feel but was still a fluid, easy read. The premise is simple, a devastating plane crash leaves just one survivor, a 3 month old baby girl – orphaned by the crash – with no means of identification. There were two 3 month old baby girls on the flight so which one is she? Set in the early 1980’s the obvious DNA testing isn’t an option, which is part of what made this book so intriguing, it couldn’t exist *now*, it was completely of a moment in time, before the technology to identify relationships between family members existed. I really liked it! The story flashes back and forth between the girl’s 18th birthday and the time of the crash and eventually the reader becomes aware that the true identity of the girl is known to some of the parties involved… 

I also whizzed through You Can Trust me by Sophie Mackenzie, a thriller that constantly twisted and turned and gave itself up just ahead of the final denouement… one of those ‘a-ha’ moments moments before the big reveal. I quite like Sophie Mackenzie’s writing style, she writes both YA books and adult thrillers so I’ll look out for more.

I also started ‘The Shock of the Fall’ which I expected to love… but for some reason didn’t? I gave up after a couple of chapters, maybe I’ll revisit it at some point. I think mood plays a big part in whether a book captures my imagination or not and I just needed something different at this point.

So, on to September! My current book is called ‘Without You’ by Saskia Sarginson.


Picked up, on a whim, in the library last week, it turns out to be set just ‘up the road’ at Orford, on the Suffolk coast. Orford Ness was an MOD testing base during and after the Second World War and there is much speculation about nuclear testing having been carried out there. It’s an intriguing place, now a protected nature reserve but still with buildings, towers, military paraphernalia and a lighthouse intact. The ‘ness’ features heavily in this story of a missing, presumed drowned teenager and the family dealing with the tragedy. I’ll let you know if it lives up to expectations!

I’ve also got the new Sophie Hannah, ‘A Game for all the Family’ to read next. I love Sophie Hannah, as much for her impenetrable twisty-turny psychological scenarios as for her down to earth, believable characters. I read somewhere recently that Hannah would never describe a crime she couldn’t imagine committing herself, or something like that… Given the gruesome, torturous nature of some of her story lines it somehow made me like her even more 😉

Right, that’s August dealt with and September all mapped out… see you at the Circle of Pine trees twitter chat at the beginning of October! Do head over and follow some of the links to other blogger’s contributions… it’s really a great way to find lots of new reads!